AMT Tool RemoteControl Sources

AMT Tool RemoteControl Sources

Hi guys,


is it possible to get the source code in c# for the RemoteControl.exe tool tha comes with the ATM vPRO SDK ?

I'd like to send the wakeup  byte sequence to the clients from our own application, but I dont want to run remotecontrol.exe within a shell session. Instead I'd like to send the byte sequence directly via (tcp/udp...???) to the client. Are there any samples available how this can be accomplished in c# or ?

many thanks!

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How about the powershell snippets?  We have tried to get the remote control library opened up to the public but have not been successful. (sorry)

Here is a blog I wrote:


thanks for the feedback. However, this doesn't help me - unfortunately.

How should a byte sequence be sent to a AMT PC via the IP network?

I know these things:

* The Byte sequence to Wake Up the PC

* The IP Address and the FQDN of the PC

* The  Username / Password


So the question now is how should  this bytes be sent to the PC ?

any suggestion / code example would really  help.

I guess this is a pretty deep knowledge based question - so if any AMT guru could give me some hints that would be really great!

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