Problem to access computer remotelly - Intel ATM

Problem to access computer remotelly - Intel ATM

Hello world!

           I've hooked up computer client to use the Intel ATM feature, but I am getting the error message "Failed to access resource IPS_KVMRedirectionSettingData, check user permissions." when I try to get I remotely via VNC Viewer Plus.

  1. I created the xml profile with information below.

    1. Created helpdesk user on Access Control List, Redirection, PT Administration, Hardware Asset and Remote Control Enabled.
    2. System Settings
      1. Management interface to enable: Web UI, Serial Over Lan, IDE Redirection and KVM Redirection  all enabled and RFB password for KVM Sessions field filled.
  2. Network and other settings
    1. User the following password for all systems field filled.\
  3.   I applied the xml on my computer client with this command line:  ACUConfig.exe /verbose /lowsecurity configAMT Noaddoptions.xml /decryptionpassword p@ssw0rd
  4. I am able to access the computer via web http://computername16992/logon.htm, but I am not able to get it remotely via VNC.

Computer information:

Dell 7010

Intel AMT Version 8.1.20


Please Help me out.

Thanks so much.



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On the RFB password - did you limit it to 8 characters? Because it truncates at 8.

(Hit enter too soon) - also check that you have the client port 5900 open and you need to be sure use version 3.8 or 4.0 of the RFB protocol..

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