Is it possible to save file back to image used in IDE-R ?

Is it possible to save file back to image used in IDE-R ?


I need to use AMT technology to boot a target computer from ISO exists on another computer (the controller) using CD IDE-R.
this target computer will automatically, do some job and should save its results into a file.
Of course, When using ISO image to boot, any file created into the bootable OS file system drive (with WinPE, usually X drive), is not saved back into the ISO.

1) Is it possible to do this in other way may be with other image format ?
2) what is the best solution for this feature ?
3) is there IDE-R to a hard drive isntead of an image ? e.g. booting the target client from hard drive that exist on my controller computer ?

NOTE: the solution should not open any new port or send any data through/to a port other than the AMT connection.
Please provide some links to API or samples that might help me.


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Hi Ronnie,

I am sending you the link to the IDE-R sections in the Intel AMT Implementation and Reference Guide.  Perhaps you can find answers to most of your questions here.  If not, let us know what else you are needing to know.


Hi Gael,

Its obviously the redirection API that should be used, but...
i gave a detailed explanation above about the problem i am trying to solve (save file etc...)

Can you please point to a more detailed explanation how to get the feature i am trying to achieve ?



Hey Ronnie

Your issue with IDE-r not writing to the HDD is not an issue with IDE-r, but that of your originating ISO image. Depending on the OS distribution as to if they can access a network share or the local physical storage device.


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