Use SOAP to connect to AMT

Use SOAP to connect to AMT


I'm trying to make a simple connection to Intel AMT with SOAP messages. I'm following this intel's article:

However the schemas used are on a url no long used, like:
What should I use to replace this? I tried to look for a substitute for the schemas in the Intel AMT Implementation and Reference Guide, I actually found, but when I try to access the link I get a 404 error. Like: and

Where all the schemas are now? How I'm supposed to make a SOAP connection without the WSDL available?

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These links have to be accessed programmatically - you cannot just human browse them by putting the URL in your browser.


I actually tried this on SoapUI before and did'nt work as you can see on the image

And if I can't direct access, why I can access this: ?



Hi - AMT no longer supports SOAP or the SOAPUI.  That article is very old - sorry about that.  Here is a link to the current documentation:



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