Please help vPro team !!! Exception when running EventLogReader on Linux

Please help vPro team !!! Exception when running EventLogReader on Linux

Its urgent !!!

When compiling and running the EventLogReader sample on Linux (fedora 22), i encounter an exception when reaching the following line in WSMANCommunicator::ReadRecords() method on WSMANCommunicator.cpp:

messageLog.Get(NULL, this->client);

The exception give error message of:

Failed to establish a connection with server.
Openwsman last error = 2

I have connection with ping to target machine.
I have disabled firewalls.

Running the same sample (C++ version) on same computer on windows with same target machine runs successfully.

1) How to solve error ?
2) does the first parameter in Get method should be a NameValuePair object with key-value of "Name" and "Intel(r) AMT:MessageLog 1", and not NULL (as in windows version of the sample) ?
3) Any ideas ?


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Hello Ronnie,  I may need to pull in a linux person to help out.  But in order to connect you would need a password and I don't see that in your code.  I will get back with you soon.


Hi Gael,

I have also tried to run a simple code. on windows it work with no error.
Ported to linux on same machine and same target machine --> got the error !

What can cause error 2 ?
How do i get more information on the problem.


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