On Linux: Multiple definition of stricmp error when linking !

On Linux: Multiple definition of stricmp error when linking !

On linux:
libimrsdk*.a and libxerces*.a static libraries, both define stricmp and cause link error.
How to use both libraries ?

They cause following a link error:

multiple definition of 'stricmp(char const*, char const *)'

How to solve ?


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Hello - I apologize for the delay.  I am going to need to find the right person to take a look at your question.


Which version of LInux are you running?  Here is a link to the Implementation Guide that provides some direction on Linking the Sample in Linux. Also, which compiiler are you using? And which version of the SDK are you using?



How to run the sample:

1. Run "make" from a command prompt. "eventLogReader" should be created.
2. Make sure that the Intel(R) AMT device has been activated on the target
3. Use the generated executable as described in the command usage (type the
   command to obtain the usage instructions).
4. In order to compile the sample code, your linux distribution should include
   the package of libcurl and the development packages of libxml2 and libssl.

1. the sample does not support Kerberos.
2. In order to compile the sample code it is essential to put the directories
   ThirdParty, Include, Lib, Src and Samples in the same structure as in the
   Intel(R) AMT SDK.

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