how to wake up amt

how to wake up amt


From the doc,  to wake up AMT ME, it is suggested to wait 25s.

First, I am try to wake up AMT ME using ICMP pings, does that means I have to wait 25s before send further request?

Secondly should I use arping send arp request to AMT ME or ping AMT ME like 5 times, which one is better?

BTW, this doc is a little old, do you have any updates on this topic? 





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Hi - the doc is old, but still relevant.  It is the case where your system is set to  "wake on lan".  The issue is, when the ME is sleeping, it is not able to process that first ping.  It takes about 25 seconds to get into a state where it can process a manageability message.  You can use what ever process works the best for your environment.  You can keep sending pings for a short period time until the ME answers.

The other way around this is to keep the ME on - not as power efficient but you won't have to wait for it to "wake up."


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