How to discover AMT capabilities at local machine programatically?

How to discover AMT capabilities at local machine programatically?

I am trying to find a programmatically way to detect the AMT capabilities locally with or without MEI or other driver installed (which is like Platform Discovery Utility do).

Is there any API (C/C++) in the AMT SDK or other packages can do the job?


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Hello - In order to use the AMT API's you need the drivers (MEI) installed.  AMT also needs to be enabled.  You could look up your system on but if you have a lot of systems, that would take a long time.

Here is the link to the Implementation and Reference Guide - it may help you get started.  Check out the ME WMI provider tool.



Gael, thanks a lot, the link is very useful.

I am wondering how Platform Discovery utility tool can detect the ME/AMT info without the MEI driver installed.

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Hey Jianju

The "Platform Discovery tool" will require the MEI drivers at a minimum, no getting around that requirement. The only way I know of doing a discovery without the use of the MEI is to use a tool called RCMPPing, this tool returns a limited data set of FW version and configuration status.

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