MPS Error Message

MPS Error Message

Good Day!

I`m trying to configure a MPS Server using the advice from this site:

After the configuration of STunnel and Apache I`m getting the MPS error message stated below:

[Fri Jan 29 2016 15:38:47.965000] [LM_ERROR] Static config file is missing mandatory section: Management_Interface.
[Fri Jan 29 2016 15:38:47.965000] [LM_ERROR] Error while reading static configuration file.

Are there any options that should be given to mps.exe so that it can find the configuration file?



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I wrote a reference architecture for configuring and implementing a Management Presence Server (MPS) to support remote access of Intel vPro Technology platforms that you may find useful.

Check it out here:


- Martin.


thank you for the reply.

My previous mps.conf was corrupted. Thats why it couldnt be loaded by mps.exe. After i have swtched my file with your config sample and added my IPs and Ports to it the mps.exe runs well.


Mi H.

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