Amt Admin Password Restore

Amt Admin Password Restore

 We have done provision by using Intel Vpro on them but we dont have provision password anymore, therefore we have unconfigured via HP bios utility tool. When we restart computer, there is a massage like ““Found Unconfigure Of Intel Me Continue with Unconfigration (Y/N)” on the screen . We would like to know if it automaticly passes it with yes.


We need to amt admin password restore tools or command ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

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I am unfamiliar with the exact HP tool you are using, So the question in regards to the BIOS and its should be directed to HP

In regards to AMT there is only one reason that the Intel AMT Device should give you a Yes/No Question and that is to do a configuration using a properly configured USB Key, with setup.bin file on it., not a un-configuration procedure.




Remember the admin password in this way because we have not been admitted to the procedure.

Amt we can reset the password with PowerShell. Method that comes to my mind would be to complete the process with the other HP BIOS utility. Too much computer can not do this operation because it is USB to locations remote areas.

I would appreciate if you suggest a method.

To change the AMT password with Power Shell you will be required to know the original password prior to changing the password to something that is known.


“Hp bios utility Configuration” of the BIOS from Amt - Unconfigure AMT / ME - I do Enabled.

Then when I restart it asks a question you sure you do not make you do it somehow automatically.

I need to do this operation because I need to do a lot to automize the computer.


SCS server previously traded in a deleted state. The master password is unknown.

We have established a new scs server.A computer which is available with the old server provision.

Old computers in a way we have not the unprovision.

we need a password to make this process but we do not know the password.

Old Provision is that computers which can solve method ?



Hey Armagan

Thanks for the screen shots, Intel does not have a tool that would automate the acceptance of the unconfiguration option in the 2nd screen shot. You might check with HP they might have something but unlikely.

As to recovering a lost password, there is no solution other than a doing a hard reset. To do that requires removal of the CMOS battery.


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