Mesh Commander Serial-over-Lan Capture does not store the content

Mesh Commander Serial-over-Lan Capture does not store the content

Hi Yilian,

For troubleshooting, I´m trying to capture the content I see comming in over the Serial-over-LAN Terminal in Mesh Commander 0.2.1. Unfortunately without success.

Mesh Commander 0.2.1 is installed under Win7. I can hit the start and stop Capture button and save the file locally. But it does

not have the captured contend I see coming in on the terminal.

Taking a look into the captured and saved file it is only showing "undefined"

Any Idea how to get the content I see on the terminal successfully saved to the capturing file?

Best Regards Dirk


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Hey Dirk,

I got a hold of Ylian for you. He has posted a new .msi file on The version number was not changed (0.2.2), just reinstall and the SOL Capture feature will now work.


Kudos to both of you.

This is what I called "Support".

I can confirm it working in v0.2.2. Many thanks for this very quick reply and fix.

It was a little bit tricky to find this place to drop my issue, so it might be a good idea to have this forum linked on the mesh commander page for getting support on this tool.

Again... many thanks for your quick help. Very much appreciated.

Cheers Dirk

Hey Dirk,

Thanks for the confirmation of the fix, its appreciated.

Official support for Mesh Commander is thru the


Hey Joe,

I can't see where on a support request can be placed.

This is the reason why I ended up here ;-) getting very quick and helpful reply, so thanks again to you guys.

Regards Dirk

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