Intel Unite Hub will not run after install due to ID666666 - Cannot run on this hardware configuration.

Intel Unite Hub will not run after install due to ID666666 - Cannot run on this hardware configuration.


I have the Intel Compute Stick STK2mv64CC that I have specifically for running the Intel Unite app as a Hub. I updated the BIOS on the machine to the latest version, and I tried to install the hub as a standalone and enterprise, they both install fine, but when trying to run the program, I get this error.

Intel has informed me that this is a correct model that I have and the app should run as intended. So i'm confused to what I am doing wrong, or what specifically I need to do to hopefully make this work. I have attempted to enable TXT in BIOS, but the Compute Stick gets stuck in a boot loop, and won't boot again until I disable TXT. Is that possibly an issue for the Intel Unite Hub not working? I don't think that that is the actual issue tho.

Is anyone else having this issue, and any ideas on how I can get this to install and run correctly so I can get the client to connect to the Hub?

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Hey Sean

Can you run the installer from the commandline with /debug switch. Then send me the log file for review via private message.

Thanks Joe



Ok I figured out a bit about installing programs using msiexec in command line, i'm going to play around with some different commands to see what I can accomplish.

What I have attached is a log file for when I uninstalled the program and then reinstalled the program.

The issue occurs after the program has been completely installed and attempts to run. The installation seems to finish correctly and without any problems or errors, but when the program tries to run is when the ID666666 error occurs.

Thank for all your help,



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Hey Sean

The compute stick is incompatible with Unite 2.x and lower, so you will need to wait Intel Unite 3.0 is available in mid July.for making a "Compute Stick Unite Hub"



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