Management Engine password problem

Management Engine password problem


I've built a rig using Gigabyte GA-Q57M-S2H board. After BIOS there is a CTRL-P to enter ME. When I do so, the cursor is at the password field. I enter "admin", which is accepted, and the next prompt is to enter new password. Whatever password I enter as the new one, when the next prompt asks me to reenter it to confirm it, I get error - wrong password.

I tried resetting everything by removing power and network cable and BIOS battery for two minutes - no effect.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hey Branislav,

If you pulled the CMOS battery, that would clear that would have cleared the firmware. So from that point you cannot do anything else for resetting.

As to the Password, are you using a complex password (Example: P$ssw0rd). The password must have upper, lower, numbers, special characters and be between 8 and 32 characters in length.

If the password doesn't solve the issue, do a firmware and BIOS update on the board and try again.



That did it. Thank you Joe.

The board was used and came without any manuals. Is there a manual for setting up ME somewhere for download?

The exact process changes slightly due to which firmware level you are running.

In general on a new system where the client OS is DHCP enabled, you should do the following at a minimum:

  1. Login to MEBx and change the password
  2. Manageability Feature Selection > Activate  Network Access
  3. Manageability Feature Selection > Network Setup >add "Host Name" and "Domain Name"
  4. User Consent> choose what will work best for your purposes


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