How to connect AMT in different wifi network?

How to connect AMT in different wifi network?

Hi All,

I have one laptop which is enabled AMT vPro Core i7. I can connect this device to check System Status, Hardware Information... by using IE for example http://IPAddress:16992 in the same wifi network (SSID is myWifi ). But I cannot connect this device if the SSID is difference between two laptops.

How can I connect AMT in different wifi network?

Thanks for your help.

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Hey Bao,

The Intel AMT firmware needs to have the wireless profile for both networks. So If the AMT Client is in Net A and the Management Console is in NetB they will not be able to connect. Unless of course there is a network infrastructure allowing NetA and NetB to communicate.

So either make the two wireless networks routable to each other or you will need both Wi-Fi profiles configured in the AMT Firmware. You can have a max of 16 profiles with 8 being user profiles (added via WebUI).


Thanks Joe very much.

I got it.


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