How to get SSD Pro Status?

How to get SSD Pro Status?

Hi all,

I know how to execute the SecureErase command by using the HLAPI. But I do not know how can I get the SSD Pro status before and after I execute the SecureErase command successful.

I am studying the class CIM_MediaAccessDevice and HardwareAsset packages. I think the function LastCleaned will help me:

// Optional, The date and time on which the Device was last cleaned.
 const CimDateTime LastCleaned() const;

 // Optional, The date and time on which the Device was last cleaned.
 void LastCleaned(const CimDateTime &value); 

But I cannot get the returned value of LastCleaned by using HLAPI.

Could you please help?

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Hey Bao,

There are a couple of ways of gaining data after Remote Secure Erase (RSE) has been performed from within the SDK

  • AMT event logs will have an entries
  • BIOSLastStatus - This is specific to RSE

As for CIM_MediaAccessDevice lastcleaned function is not part of the SDK and is covered by Microsoft

Have you looked at the Intel® Solid State Drive Toolbox? This can gather multiple data points using various methods outside of the Intel AMT SDK.



Thanks Joe.

I tried to get the BIOSLastStatus and I see the string:

- DetailedErrorStatus = "SuccessORInProgress"

- GeneralStatus = "NotUpdated"

I got the error when I tried to call SetNextBoot(BootOptionsFlags.SecureErase). I created new topic of this issue. 

Could you please help?

I responded in your other post on this subject


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