Intel AMT : unable to initiate a remote session

Intel AMT : unable to initiate a remote session

Hello,  hoping someone can shed some light

We are using Lenovo computers (thinkpad's and thinkcentre's) and currently we are manually enabling KVM via the ME screens (CTRL+P).

When we perform these steps on ThinkPad laptops,   the next time we enter the intel management engine setup screen via CTRL+P we are presented with two options:

1/ enter management screen
2/ initiate a remote session

and this works perfectly for us.

However when we perform the exact same steps on a ThinkCentre desktop (and enable KVM and network access)  we are unable to get the option to 2/ initiate a remote session .  Instead when we selevct CTRL+P during POST, it goes straight back to the ME screens.

What am I missing?  What makes the BIOS present the operator with this option to initiate a remote session?

The ME version is v9.1.37.1002

thanks for any help


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Hey Danny

The "Remote Session" is referring to CILA/CIRA connections. The difference between device in how the OEM set the defaults in the BIOS & MEBx.

What exactly are you trying to do, make a AMT KVM connection? if so, what KVM viewer are you using to make the KVM connection?

In order for KVM to work, the MEBx has several parameters that require enabling. Start by doing a system discovery on a working device and comparing the resulting XML with that of a failing system. Send me the failing XML via PM please for review

To perform a AMT System Discovery, download the configurator package. Then on the Intel AMT Client run acuconfig.exe from the command prompt, which is contained within the package.

Command line String: "acuconfig.exe systemdiscovery"



Hey Joe, thanks for the response.

Yes I simply wish to make a remote AMT KVM session and I am using VNC Viewer plus to do that. 
As I mentioned above, if we configure laptops in the same way I am able to select an option to initiate a remote session which displays the IP address which AMT has leased on the screen. I can use this IP Address to connect via VNC.

Because the desktop machines are not giving us the remote session option I have no way to find its address, or confirm it indeed has obtained one.     You mentioned the MEBx require several parameters which require enabling for KVM to work; well the ATM configuration is identical to how we configure laptops and they work just fine.  Perhaps the desktop MEBx has something else which I've missed.

I have not used the AMT system discovery tool before, I will try that tomorrow.   Thanks for your help, I'll update the post once I have further information.

Hey Danny

The several parameters I was speaking about should be enabled by the process you are using, however the connection obviously is not working. So my guess is one of those flags aren't getting tripped.

By default the wired Intel AMT interface should be DHCP enabled and if the OS is as well, the IP should track. If the OS is static, the IP's will not match. Recommendation is for the MEBx be configured however the OS is configured.

If you want to inspect the IP of the firmware, it can be found in IMSS and the WebUI.

From the WebUI, open a browser on the client and go to log in and the firmware IP will on the first screen.




Hi Joe

What about when there is no OS?  In my specific case right now, the users hard disk has failed and has been replaced under warranty.

We wish to connect to the system via AMT/KVM and remotely re-install the OS.  Therefore I am reliant upon the firmware picking up a IP address which i'd usually see via option 2/ initiate a remote session.

HI Joe

I've fired one of these desktops to OS (Windows ) and gone to the URL you mentioned and logged in.

I did indeed find the IP address and after shutting down the machine, I can still connect to AMT/ KVM using this same IP address.

Therefore the AMT firmware is picking up an IP Address but its just not presenting me with the option to initiate a remote session. So if the hardware has no OS, I have no way of finding out which IP Address the unit has... any ideas , shall I try the configurator package?

Hey Danny

To answer your question "What about when there is no OS?"

 If the OS and Intel AMT Firmware were configured with DHCP enabled, the firmware should be still listed on the DHCP and DNS Servers. Intel AMT follows the same rule as the OS for maintaining DNS and DHCP records. So as long as the system is connected, it should be requesting and or updating its records.



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