How to export/import MEBx configuration to other systems command line steps

How to export/import MEBx configuration to other systems command line steps

Hi there, I have some old Acer systems with MEBx activated. I can only make WOL working if I change with Ctrl-P the MEBx configuration. I use win 8.1 32bit.

1. My purpose is to extract currently MEBx working configuration and import it to other identical systems (preferably keeping the default "admin" password). I will use package in SCCM with a command line utility. I do not want to install any extra applications. What would be the steps to do that?

2. If I have same machine models but BIOSes differ just by a revision e.g. P01-A1, P01-A2 (hardware configuration is the same...) can I use the same steps as before for the other models? What do I need to check for this?

From another perspective, I want to enable Wake On Lan and handle it through Magic Packets so I won't use AMT. By disabling MEBx I suppose the Wake on lan would be handled by the other BIOS/OS/Magic Packets settings. How can I disable MEBx programmatically through command line without installing any apps? (want to create a SCCM package and deploy it...). Comparing this last method with MEBx config export/import what would be the advantages/disadvantages?

Thank you in advance for all your insight.


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Hey Claudiu

If I understand correctly, by entering into the MEBx, you are going in and fully disabling the MEBx.

The only way I know of to disable the MEBx programmically is to use a OEM BIOS configuration tool. I would check with Acer as to what they have available.



Hello Joe, thank you for your reply.

Actually, I would like to backup the MEBx and restore it onto similarly hardware/software machines because I found an option that is working with Wake  On Lan without using AMT on SCCM.

Now, Acer provides together with their last version of BIOS a tool fptw.exe that comes from Intel named Flash Programming Tool. Version Copyright (c) Intel Corporation. 2007-2008 that can be used to read the BIOS but when trying to use I get an error from PMXUtil: Error during PMX ... then in the same folder is another tool named FWUpdLcl.exe Firmware Update Utility version Copyright (C) 2007-2008 , Intel Corporation.  All Rights Reserved which supposedly would write the image to MEBx but when I try to use a generic restore for a .bin image provided from Acer it's saying to use TPM (because TPM is activated and owned) and that's bugging me a bit because I don't know how to do the restore in this case.

First, are they the correct tools to use for MEBx backup/restore?

Second, could you also please ask Gael if I can do the MEBx backup/restore or to change the current setting "Intel ME Power Control" from 4th option Desktop (ON on S0, ME Wake in S3) to 3rd option(ON in S0, S3, S4-5).by using the Intel vPro technology Powershell module and functions?

These would be the 2 scenarios and if possible for Intel to help me to find the fptw.exe that is working in a w8.1 32bit environment and compatible in order to backup the image and for fwupdlcl.exe how to restore the image for TPM option and maybe faster the second option with Powershell?...

Thank you again for all your help, regards Claudiu.

Hey Claudiu,

The Firmware Update Utility is not for backing up and writing a configuration to the firmware. Rather its the tool that writes the firmware code to the chipset, so if you have a generic.bin file it will overwrite the existing firmware and insert whatever that image is. This will not effectively disable the MEBx as you original requested.

As to Power Shell modifying the "Intel ME Power Control", there is no current function available within the Intel vPro PowerShell module that will set the Power Policies. In order to change that setting you would need to use CIM objects for Power Packages  out of the Intel AMT SDK.


Hello Joe, thank you again for your new answer and willingness to help.

1. Is AMT SDK free? I cannot find it.. Also thank you for the hint regarding CIM objects, I will try it if I can get SDK.

2. So, apologies if it does not seem clear for me, but can I use fptw.exe to extract the current MEBx image?  going through its' options I see that it can do both load file to flash and dump flash to file.

So, because I have the MEBx setup as I want, I want to use first on the source system:

fptw -d:<image> -me (to dump the me region)

and on the target system

fptw -f:<image> -meoverride (to write the binary to flash)

When I try to run the tool I get:

PMXUtil: Error during PMX Call: sseidrvdll32e.dll!IDRVInstallDriver(): Failed to  start loaded service err: 1275 Error 51: Initialization of PMX utilities failed. Unable to continue. FPT.exe exited with return code: 51

My questions are: can you help me with these errors? Also, are the commands correct to dump/restore the MEBx?

Thank you again, regards Claudiu.




Hey Claudiu,

The Intel AMT SDK is free and downloadable from

As to the fptw tool I am looking into that, however after creating the dump file, try reimaging the donor system using the same command line string as that which failed. Let me know your results.


Hi Joe,

Thank you for your help once again.

I think something happens with my skills... I found before that link but when going to that page, by clicking on any download link points me to which is empty... is it only me or this is what is really happening?

Also, as I said before, I cannot use fptw at this moment because on donor system or in any system it gives me that error... windows 8.1 64 bit... so I think after the error message showed before would be resolve for dumping it would be also resolved for writing.


Thank you again, regards Claudiu.

Hey Claudiu,

The download link mentioned above for the Intel AMT SDK has been fixed.


Hello Joe, thank you for the link and all help provided... some new ideas?

Regards, Claudiu.

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