Remote Access Unsupported

Remote Access Unsupported


My customer wants to remote control clients via the Intel AMT Management Engine.
I'm unable to because the Remote Access option is unavailable.

I noticed in the Manageablility Commander Tool, select the machine, tab: Managmeent Engine, Remote Access: unsupported.
In the BIOS/AMT ME configuration menu I notice a menu with the name "SOL/IDER" and not "SOL/IDER/KVM".
Does this mean that the current hardware doesn't support this option?

It's about:
Machine: HP ProDesk 600 G1
Bios: L01 v02.68, 31-03-2016
CPU: Intel Core i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz.

Please let me know when you require more information.

Thank you in advance,


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Hey Yuri

Please perform a discovery on the system and send me the file for review

What we need to look for is the AMTSKU value primarily as your description suggests it is a Intel Standard Manageability client instead of a Full vPro system.

  1. To do a discovery download the Intel SCS configurator tools
  2. Then from the command line run the following from the configurator folder within the download: acuconfig systemdiscovery
  3. This will create a <FQDN>.xml file



Hi Joe,
I just did the test you mentioned and discovered indeed that the hardware supports "Standard Manageability".
Thank you for quick reply. I will ask the supplier for an alternative hardware configuration with a "Full vPro" processor.

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