Error applying IPV4 Parameters

Error applying IPV4 Parameters

I am trying to use Usb to manually provisioning 100 notebooks. The model is HP X2 1012 and the CPU is M7-6y75 with vpro. I have downloaded the sdk tool and used ACUConfig.exe configviausb with /usingdhcp which created a setup.bin file. I saved the file to the usb stick and proceeded to boot from it. After selecting yes to provision AMT, I am getting error applying IPV4 parameters and I can only restart the system. What am I doing wrong. The idea is to give the usb to our distributor so the notebooks can be provisioned before shipping to our users. My test  notebook is out of the box and when accessing MEBx it prompts me to enter the default password. Below is the full command that I used.





ACUConfig.exe ConfigViaUSB /NewMEBxPass <password> /CurrentMEBxPass <password> /PowerPackage <guid> /UsingDhcp /EnableKVM <true> /EnableUserConsent <none> /EnableRemoteITConsent <true>




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Hey Johnny,

The reason you are getting the message in regards to the "IPv4 parameters" is that the USB key by default attempts to configure only the physical LAN adapter on the system. Unfortunately in this this situation, the HP x2 does not have a physical LAN adapter (RJ45).

As your using USB for configuration, your goal must be to configure the device into Admin Control Mode. Without using an SCS Server and certificate, the only way your going to accomplish this for these type of devices is to manually enter into the MEBx, enable network interface and set the User consent to none. After which you can run post configuration "Delta Scripts" to push the Wi-Fi profiles to the firmware.

Delta profiles are created by the ACUWizard and pushed using the acuconfig.exe with the "configamt" switch.



Thanks Joe,



Can I trick the USB if I connect the HP X2 1012 to a docking station with a physical LAN adapter.








Hey Johnny

I do not believe that would be possible to trick the MEBx in that way. 



Hey Joe, I have sent you a message but just in case there are other people in my situation.

I have now only 20 X2 1012 table notebooks to deploy the AMT. Is there any other way to provision AMT without having to setup a whole infrastructure for it. Manual is find but the machine run on a SOE image.

In your situation, I would look at doing a manual provision from within the CSME/MEBX. Then run a script to add the Wi-Fi profile to the configured device.

To do this you will need access the CSME firmware, by accessing the one-time boot menu. This menu will include a line about entering the CSME, usually by using CTRL+P, but can vary by OEM and BIOS. The default password is "admin", once you are in there activate the Network Interface and exit.

the next step is to create a Delta profile and push it to the client in a script or manually from the command line. A complete description on creating a "Delta" profile can be found in the Intel AMT Developers Guide

I hope this helps



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