Question vPro

Question vPro


I have a server in a datacenter. When Windows crashes, I have to rush to the datacenter and reboot the server by hand. I've looked into vPro, and it sound really good! Now the question: Can I use vPro to reboot the server? (kill power and reboot again).

The server has a static IP and uses Windows Server 2012. I can't find the answer anywhere on the internet.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

Gidion Stals


EDIT: I want to buy new hardware for my server with full vPro support, but only if I can kill the power remotely and poweron the machine remotely.


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Hello Gideon,

Intel vPro technology uses Intel AMT as the out of band management feature. This is only available on specific systems and generally this technology is not typically found in the datacenter, but on client systems.

There are a few tower servers with Intel AMT and you will have to inquire with the OEM if they have it enabled or not.

I would suggest looking at something like DRAC or ILO or some other variant thereof for a datacenter.


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