SSD 600P speed issue

SSD 600P speed issue

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1.     Cannot run at full speed but runs at poor write speed. Please let me know if there is certain setting I am missing out on here.

  • OS: Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB, OS build 10240.16549
  • Current position: Other NVMe SSD tested(Acceptable speed) in the same system but Intel SSD shows at poor speed:

          - Intel 600P : Average 50MB/S (lowest at 10MB/S to highest at 150MB/S).

          - Intel 750 (lowest at 180MB/S to highest at 450MB/S)

          - Plextor M8PeG, Samsung 950 (lowest at 250MB/S to highest at 500MB/S)

  • Brand and model of motherboard: TBA
  • Bench-marking tool : Customer's own bench-marking tool and report
  • Drive being used as storage : Able to obtain model#, serial #, and disk capacity and display on customer's own UI

2. Wondering if 600P requires certain version of native NVMe driver of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB.

A far as I know, 600P does not have its own NVMe Driver but using native NVMe driver of Windows 10.

1>Please confirm if 'Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB, OS build 10240.16549' has a proper driver for 600P or not?

2>Anything related to the Working with NVMe drives (Windows)  ?

Thank you.

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Hey Bom

Solid State Drives specific questions are best support within the Solid State Drives Community page.


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