AMT 8 & Mesh Commander 0.3.8 - iKVM won't connect

AMT 8 & Mesh Commander 0.3.8 - iKVM won't connect


I've got a 77Q chipset on one of my clients with AMT v8.  I can connect to the AMT engine using mesh commander v0.3.8 as expected and see / change settings.  When I try to run the remote desktop section, so  I can access the machine, mesh commander tries to connect, with the connect string saying 'setup' and then it changes to disconnected without showing anything.  Serial over Lan works fine and can enter commands but KVM won't.

Using hte old MTDK all I had to do was link it to a VNC viewer and I was good to go, no changes within the software... I know that Meshcommander now has an inbuilt viewer but nothing seems to make it work.

Am I missing anything?  I tried using -debug but that didn't list anything in the console output as I expected to show the errors in connecting; are there any logs that I can look at?

Any help is very much appreciated!


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Don't worry about answering this.  It appears that my Q77 motherboard has died while trying to sort this out as it will not boot with everything connected, disconnected or in various states of component installs, which might explain the inability to access the iKVM part.

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Hey Chris

Sorry to hear about your board, but glad have figured it out


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