AMT Host Based Config Question

AMT Host Based Config Question


I'm having issues provisioning some of my machines.  I'm using the ACUWizard to push a config down, and for most my computers it works great.  On the machines it doesn't work on, I get the error that client control mode is disabled.  I know this is an issue if I'm running an old version of AMT, but these devices are running 11.0.  One thing that I noticed was within IMSS, it was not able to pull my network info.  Not too sure if that has anything to do with it.  Any ideas?  We have a lot of these machines so I'd pref not to have to do it manually.


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The network settings are not the issue, because I verified that I'm getting the same lack of IP on machines where client based config is working.

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Hey Greyson,

Please run the following "acuconfig.exe systemdiscovery", which will create an XML with platform information within. Please send it to me for review.


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