RemoteControl.exe: v1.0.9058.1 does not work (exception)

RemoteControl.exe: v1.0.9058.1 does not work (exception)

I used to use the old version of RemoteControl.exe found in the Intel® Active Management Technology SDK. This works without any problem, i.e. I can query the power state of a remote AMT system and issue a power on command.

Now I found out that a new version of RemoteControl.exe had been released here. I tried it today and I got an exception:

Intel(R) AMT Remote Power Control Utility 1.0.9058.1
[Intel(R) Active Management Technology]
Copyright (C) 2008 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

An exception occurred while attempting to get the system power state. Fehler bei
 der Anforderung mit HTTP-Status 404: Not Found.

There is certainly no issue with my password or with the remote AMT system because the old version of RemoteControl.exe works without any problem:

 Getting system power state...

Current Power State is: Deep sleep


Technical info of the AMT system: Intel Skylake platform, Q170 chipset, AMT 11, CPU i7-6700. 

Thanks for any support. Of course - it's not urgent because everything is working fine with the old version.


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Hello Thorsten

The version of remotecontrol.exe on the link provided above is very old and is not compliant with 5th or 6th gen Intel vPro processors. As it is written using the SOAP protocols and WS-MAN is now used.

Current generations of the remotecontrol.exe tool can be downloaded within the AMT SDK download


Hello Joseph,

thank you, I thought it would be vice versa. Unfortunately the tool RemoteControl.exe found in the SDK has no version number; otherwise I had seen it before. 

Of course it would be convenient for everybody to remove the link I mentioned or at least write a certain note about the requirements.


Hey Thorsten,

I am working on getting the link either removed or updated to the new version.


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