Meshcommander can't connect to remote computers

Meshcommander can't connect to remote computers


We like Meshcommander, it is very useful. But unfortunately we can't connect to computers that are connected via site-to-site-VPN to our internal network. We do can access the Intel AMT webinterface on those computers via http://<IP>:16992. But when we try to connect using Meshcommander we only get an timeout-message.

There is no problem to connect to computers in our main building and to computers in the buildings that are connected via WLAN-Bridge to our main Building. But we can't connect to the computers that are connected via site-to-site-VPN.

Any ideas?

We use Auth/None as "Digest/security". Every Computer has its own password.


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Hey Stefan,

Are you using proxy servers for your network?

If so, that would explain why Web browsers would work and Mesh Commander would not. Currently Meshcommander does not have the ability to use proxies.



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