intel Compiler questions.

intel Compiler questions.

First of all I want to compile C code not C++.

1). Not going to turn malloc( x )  to ( char* ) malloc( x ). So do you support C or only C++?

2). Is there free version for non commrecial use. Not trial, FREE. For linux user. basically any distro.

3) I want this compiler only to test speed of my lib compared to gcc and clang. ( I have intel processor so this has sens ). No earning money involved. Lib is open source and free for all anyway, MIT license.

4). How do i get the free intel compiler on my linux. what should be my steps.

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Hi Piodr,

The following link specifies the requirements to qualify for free Intel software development tools. 

Specifically, this link provides information for open source contributors


Hi Piodr,

Regarding question #1. The Intel C++ Compiler is able to compile a C source file. Check the following link with detailed information about this for the latest version of Intel C++ Compiler.


Hi Piodr,

In case you have additional questions regarding Intel C++ Compiler, the most appropriate forum in which you can open new threads is the Intel C++ Compiler Forum

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