Can't see AMT WMI properties

Can't see AMT WMI properties

Hi all, I have a strange issue were some of my clients do not show the AMT properties within WMI explorer.  All clients are Windows 10 x64, Lenovo M93z.  You can see that the properties just show as "String".

This is how it shows on my other clients.  You can see the properties have real values.

I have worked through this test and can confirm that the output xml file displays the correct values.  I can also confirm that "Intel_ME" is shown within "WMI Control".

Any ideas?

Regards, Graham


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Hey Graham,

My first thing would be to check if the LMS service is sunning. If it is all the MEI components are installed.

Go to services.msc and search for the name "Intel...Local Management Service".

If it is not available, you will need the complete MEI driver package from the OEM website. Usually its listed under chipset


Hi Joe,

Thanks for your reply.  Good shout!  I should have mentioned that I have the full IME driver (latest version) installed and the LMS is indeed running.  I might also add that the ME firmware is up to date on both working and non working clients.  It is also enabled within BIOS.

Regards, Graham

Hey Graham,

Do all the devices have AMT configured? If it doesn't that would explain the no data


The vast majority of clients are not configured as we are still in pilot phase of deploying AMT.  There are many machines that do not have AMT configured yet do properly display WMI AMT properties.

I have one omission to make and that is that the screenshots I previously posted don't show exactly the same window.  I should have posted this picture showing just the key name as a GUID under the Instances tab:

On another machine I have noticed that although the ME firmware and latest version of LMS is installed and running the WMI proprty shows the old version of the firmware.  SCSDiscovery shows the correct value however.  It just seems like the AMT WMI provider is a little flaky.

I have also noticed that it doesn't matter if the full MEI LMS driver is installed or not, the WMI properties are still incorrect.

I think I'm going to log a support call.

On the original set of screen shots I noticed you were not logged in as administrator for the one that is failing. You may want to try that on that specific unit. The last screen shot you were logged in correctly, but it was a different unit.

Doubt that's the culprit, but could be. I would suggest logging an issue thru the


Best Reply

Just to provide closure on this.  Turns out that you need to run a discovery (SDSDiscovery / acuconfig SystemDiscovery) in order to update those properties.  You do not need to run a discovery to update ROOT\Intel_ME Namespace however.

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