KVMControlApplication SetLicense

KVMControlApplication SetLicense

Whenever I use this sample code, I get the VNC watermark telling me to register the product.

I am trying to remove this water-mark.  I have purchased the key and put it into the app.config as directed by the readme.  No worky.

I noticed that there are a few lines of code commented out that actually set the license.

%SampleRoot%\RemoteSessionForm.cs: line 401 and 402

            // if (Configuration.GetInstance().RFB.LicenseKey != string.Empty)
            // _viewerPanel.Viewer.SetLicense(Configuration.GetInstance().RFB.LicenseKey);

If I uncommented these lines it states that IVncViewer does not contain a method definition for SetLicense.

I have tried to extend this interface myself and use P/Invoke using the currently implemented patterns with no success.

The vncamt.h file implements this as:

typedef void VNCCALL 
VNCViewerSetLicense(VNCViewer *pViewer, const char *licenseString, size_t length);

I am calling it in C# as:

sdk.vncViewerSetLicense(pViewer, Native.StringParameter(key), (uint)key.Length)

There is a stupid detail that I am missing somewhere.


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The watermark is controlled by RealVNC, so specific questions should be directed to them.

However one issue may be that you purchased a RealVNC license, however what you needed was the license for RealVNC plus



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