Keyboard Issue on Remote Machine

Keyboard Issue on Remote Machine


We found an issue while working on remote machine which is connected through Mesh.

  • Double clicking on an item opens the properties window, rather than opening that window itself.
  • Backspace works as Ctrl + Z.

This is creating issue to work on the machine. Due to above issue, lots of important file deleted from remote machine.

If you need any more information then please let me know.



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Please update me..

Hi. I work on MeshCentral and MeshCommander, lots of "Mesh" around, not sure completely what you are referring to. But I will take a guess:

When using and doing remote desktop, sometimes the ALT or CTRL keys get “Stuck” down. So, when you hit a key, you are actually pressing “CTRL-Key” or “ALT-Key”. If you see this, hit CTRL and ALT once just to unstuck them and let me know if it fixes it.

Note that I am working on MeshCentral2 and will be replacing the entire website early next year.

If this is a different problem, please let me know.

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