MeshCommander v.0.6.3 a little problem with the user permissions

MeshCommander v.0.6.3 a little problem with the user permissions

I am testing the MeshCommander as a tool for our ServiceDesk. 
At the moment I stumbled across a small problem. Maybe someone can help me?

I have created a Testadmin account with limited rights via the provisioning profile in Intel SCS. Our service desk should be allowed to operate all functions and also set an alarm time. However, the user accounts should be blocked, as should the System Defense and Agent Presence. I tried to do this via the permissions in the SCS profile. The Event Manager point seems to be the appropriate one for this area, as removing this point blocks access to some of the fields. Unfortunately, the possibility to set the alarm time and activating the remote desktop is also removed.
Is there another way to lock or hide the required areas? 


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Hey Thomas

PT Admin level credentials is required for Remote desktop (AKA AMT KVM) to work.

As to setting Alarms, this will require PT Admin level credentials as well..

For additional help with SCS, please check the bizsupport portal  




Thank you for the answer.
In this case we have to do a little tinkering to show only the required points.


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