Recover from CIM_KVMRedirectionSAP.EnabledState of 6?

Recover from CIM_KVMRedirectionSAP.EnabledState of 6?

I'm trying to get VNC functionality working on a bunch of systems. Some of them come up just fine while others are stuck in EnabledState = 6:

{'CreationClassName': 'CIM_KVMRedirectionSAP',
'ElementName': 'KVM Redirection Service Access Point',
'EnabledState': '6',
'KVMProtocol': '4',
'Name': 'KVM Redirection Service Access Point',
'RequestedState': '2',
'SystemCreationClassName': 'CIM_ComputerSystem',
'SystemName': 'ManagedSystem'}

I've tried changing the password, requesting the disabled state and then re-enabling all to no avail. I'm 99.9% certain that no VNC connections have ever been attempted to these machines before. I'm able to access the web service on port 16992 and SOL on port 16994 just fine.

Is there any way to hard reset the AMT functionality? IPMI has 'ipmitool mc reset cold' that would seem to handle something like this. Is there an equivalent command for AMT?

Power cycling the systems would be a last resort as these systems are running production software.

Thanks for any advice!


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It turns out that EnabledState = 6 means that there is no monitor attached to the HDMI/DVI port in my case, but it could mean other things as well.

Keep in mind that installing a third party graphics card will deactivate the onboard Video Card, yielding a similar result

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