How to replace expired certificate

How to replace expired certificate

Hello, I have HP ML10 Gen9. System and ME BIOS are updated to the latest up to date. MeshCommander is 0.6.8.

I can't replace expired TLS certificate. It used to work but not anymore. MeshCommander reports "Unable to remove certificate, error 400" when I try to remove outdated cert. I was able to add new cert with the same template (I use Microsoft CA) but when I try to connect using TLS, I can choose only old one. The old one is marked as "TLS cert" but not a new one though they are seemed to be absolutely identical (except dates). I also can't choose either one on the top of Security Settings in the "Remote TLS security" or "Local TLS security". There is also one row indicated as "Unassigned Private Key Pair #0". I don't know what is that and I can't delete it too.

Thanks for reading and hope to get a help.




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Similar issue here. I'm renaming machine and need to remove old TLS certificate so I can use a new one with the new common name. Error 400 trying to remove.

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