compilervars for Korn shell (ksh)

compilervars for Korn shell (ksh)

I installed the evaluation version of Intel C++ Composer XE 2011 (l_ccompxe_2011.5.220_Release_Notes_en_US.pdf) for Intel C++ Compiler XE 12.0 Update 5.

In the final steps near installation completion, to set the environment variables for a terminal window using compilervars.csh for csh/tcsh and for bash.

I use Korn shell (ksh) and there is no mention of which compilervars I need to use to set up the env.

Please advice asap.

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No harm is done if you make the wrong choice; you can go ahead and guess again.  I haven't tried this in a long time.  As ksh should support basic .sh scripts, you ought to be able to source the intel64|ia32.  I assume the "." abbreviation for "source" is the one to use:
.  /opt/intel/..../ intel64

Thanks. This is my first time (newbie), once i source the .sh, are there steps to verify to make all is well ?

I executed 

I executed the intel64 and was able to do the following:

which icc

which icpc

env | grep -i compose

Anything else I need to verify before I step further.


that's all you need to do for the compiler. If you like to use Intel® MKL and/or Intel® IPP libraries as well you need to source their scripts, too ("" & ""). However, that's optional and not required for the compiler per se.

Best regards,

Georg Zitzlsberger

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