Naive question about stl library

Naive question about stl library

Hello, I have a naive question about STL library. I'm currently using ICC 12.1 above MSVS2010. I saw that the STL headers used during debugging are those coming with Visual Studio. I looked at the ICC folder and found no SLT-like header files.My question is: since ICC can be used standalone and STL are part of C++, how all of this is performed when Visual Studio is not installed? Maybe my question makes no sense?Dominique

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No, ICC can not be used standalone.
On Windows it requires the header and runtime libs from VS. On Linux it requires gcc.


I can't see what you mean by standalone use. Intel Windows compilers depend on the corresponding Microsoft compilers to supply a majority of headers and libraries, as well as the basic linker. A long time ago there were versions which included Dinkumware STL, but that didn't support operation without Microsoft SDK.

Thanks for your help.

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