accessing Intel C++

accessing Intel C++

Dear All,

I used to only have Intel Fortran Compiler on my machine. I bought Intel
parallel Studio after Steve () pointed out that I need to update my compiler to
resolve the issue which I had mentioned in one of my previous post. I require
to use C++ and believe Intel parallel Studio include C++ compiler as well as
Fortran. I have installed the compiler initially using the update option in the
setup and oncei removed Intel compiler and reinstalled parallel Studio again. I
have MVS 2005 and 2008 standard Edition and 2010 Sell edition. Unfortunately, I
can only access Intel Visual Fortran Projects and cannot access Intel C++
projects in MVS environment. Could you please help me what I am missing here?

Many thanks,


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You're using the VS2010 Shell. The Intel C++ Compiler does not integrate into it, this is a limitation.

The Intel C++ Compiler can only integrate into VS2010 standard or above.

But you can use the Intel C++ within your VS2005 std and 2008 std.


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