#####.cpp ?

#####.cpp ?

I set up my solution to swtich from using the MS compiler to using Intel's Composer XE. For every .cpp file that compiles the output window says

"compiling with Intel C++ Compiler XE (IA-32)...(Intel C++ Environment

The numbers change with different files.
What are these numbered.cpp files that aren't part of my source?

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I think this is what's happening...

The Intel compiler doesn't support #import. So every time it sees #import in your source file it creates a temporary file and then feeds it to the Microsoft compiler to process. These temporary files are what your are seeing being compiled.

How then should I bring in COM .tlb files? Or should I just leave it as is?

This is just the way it is, I was just trying to explain why you are seeing the numbered files.

Ok. Thanks. I'll keep things the same then.

Quoting Christopher PiszHow then should I bring in COM .tlb files?..

Create a simple project in a Visual Studiowith all '#import' directives you needand compile it with Microsoft C++ compiler.
It will create all COM-wrappers, that is *.h and *.cpp files. Save these files, add toyour project,and compile sources
with Intel C++ compiler. However you should comment or '#ifdef' all'#import' directives.

I used that trick to create *.h and *.cpp COM-wrappers for MapPoint 2009 and used them without '#import' directives in
a different ptoject.

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