Enough with that environment variable mayhem!!!

Enough with that environment variable mayhem!!!

After having 64-bit build problem with linking I have checked my environment variables, and found this:

C_EM64T_REDIST12 = C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Common Files\\Intel\\Shared Libraries\\
C_IA32_REDIST12 = C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Common Files\\Intel\\Shared Libraries\\

Intel engineers, why are you trashing our environment like that? Why define TWO variables for the SAME path?

You could have done either:

C_EM64T_REDIST12 = C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Common Files\\Intel\\Shared Libraries\\redist\\intel64\\compiler

C_IA32_REDIST12 = C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Common Files\\Intel\\Shared Libraries\\redist\\ia32\\compiler


C_REDIST12 = C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Common Files\\Intel\\Shared Libraries\\


Are morons getting jobs at Intel now?

Because you have to be a moron to do that and let it go into a production release.

Only after fixing the above mess I managed to get rid of "xilink : error #10036: unable to run 'link'" error.

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Quoting Igor Levicki...Are morons getting jobs at Intel now?...

Because you have to be a moron to do that and let it go into a production release...
Dear Igor,

As far as I remember you recently had a communication problem with some user and, I admit, he was somewhat impolite.

Now, you've done the same thing and insulted the whole company that gave youthe Intel Black Belt Software Developertitle.

Not sure why this issue didn't get caught. But we do think Igor's both suggestions look better. We have just talked about the environment issue today. This could be improved.

I will submit an internal bug report for it so we can get it resolved.

Every product has bugs evenvery simplebugs like this, it's just the nature of human being.

Remember my first day of using my Android phone, I could not figure out how to pick up my incoming call.I did not know I need to sweep the green phone button, I jut kept pushing thebutton again and again......... I was wondering how this is designed............... don't laugh at me, I think I'm not alone.

thank youall again.

Jennifer, this has been fixed in Parallel Studio 2013 Beta Update 1.

It is not like I can't fix this myself -- the real problem is that Intel has released 10 updates to Parallel Studio 2011 and didn't catch that -- now with Parallel Studio 2013 on the way it probably won't be fixed in the older version. I am appalled by the lack of QA at Intel as of late.

Igor, can you share the fix yeu ended up with?

I have the same problem with xilink not finding link when I call MSBuild (error 10036).


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