(0) internal error: backend signals

(0) internal error: backend signals

Hello. I have a C file that causes an internal error in the Intel C++ compiler (Composer XE 2011 SP1 Update 8).The internal error only happens at optimization levels -O2 and -O3, not at -O0 or -O1, so I am pretty sure this is a genuine compiler bug.I am all set to upload a stand-alone test case (the output of "icc -E"), but whenever I try to log in to https://premier.intel.com/ I get an error page:"We were unable to authenticate your access to the Intel Premier Support web site. Please check that your login ID and password were entered correctly and that the URL used was https://premier.intel.com"I am quite certain my login ID and password are correct; I even reset my password successfully. I thought the 30-day evaluation copy of the compiler included Premier support, but perhaps I was wrong?If so, how should I submit this bug report?Thanks.

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The 30-day eval does include Premier Support.

For the premier support login issue, please use this other forum to get support.

About the internal error, another choice is to upload the testcase to this thread (check the "private" response if you prefer).


This issue has been fixed and the fix is in update 9 already.

You can download the update 9 from Intel Registration Center.


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