/Qpar-threshold deprecated?

/Qpar-threshold deprecated?

For my research, I'm using Intel C++ compiler's auto-parallelization (Version Build 20110811).
I remeber I used "/Qpar-threshold" option in Version 11.0 to control the threshold of automatic parallelization.However, the latest compiler doesn't support it.
In particular, I need to disable any cost-benefit analysis, i.e., I want the compiler to auto-parallelize whatever it's possible regardless of the work volume. So, I specificed "/Qpar-threshold:0". But, the compiler says no such option.
1>icl : warning #10148: option '/Qpar-threshold:0' not supported

Was this option deprecated? If so, how can I set this threshold number to zero?
In addition, where can I find the current options for the compiler version 12.1. It's extremely hard to find a right document web page.
(p.s., how can I insert new line? It always makes a single line. I needed to manually insert
in the editor.)

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(1) Couldyou upgrade to the latest compiler? I have tried it on my machine(12.1) and this option is supported in fact.

Download Latest Products Packagehttps://registrationcenter.intel.com/RegCenter/

(2) You can find all the options supported from the documentation of Composer. (On my machine, it is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Composer XE 2011 SP1\Documentation\en_US\compiler_c\compiler_documentation_c.htm") Also, here is an online help document of icc compiler:
(Click the "Index" button on left-topand you can search your options")

(3) How to insert new line? For me, I can directly click "enter" to insear new line in this editor, I am using IE8. It should be related to browser, I think.

Any issue, please let me know.


Also we should define /Qparallel option to use /Qpar-threshold option. Also it would be better to check if the environmental variables are set properly.


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