PGO disabled in trial?

PGO disabled in trial?

I'm trying to evaluate the PGO function in the latest C++ compiler (2011). I'm using it on windows, integrated with vs2010. When I try to make a build for instrumentation, I find that the "Profile-Guided Build Options" setting is greyed out. Is this a trial license thing, or is there some other requirement missing?

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I'm not much of a PGO fan, but you would need to be in Release mode to enable PGO, even though the data collection run is not optimized like Release mode.

I have over the years not seen even one release of the Intel compiler that has features disabled in the evaluation version. I believe that this is policy that has been steadfastly adhered to.

An evaluation installer might not contain certain components; for example, Visual Studio Shell. However, whatever gets installed is identical to the components with the same names in the paid-up version.

If you're evaluating Parallel Composer 2011 or Parallel Studio 2011, then that does not contain the PGO feature. You need to evaluate C++ Composer XE 2011 or Parallel Studio XE 2011. If you are using the "XE" versions and still find PGO being grayed out in the IDE, let us know.

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