Low performance

Low performance


I have a maya plugin which uses cgal and ublas. I compiled it with Intel C++ Complier using VS2005 ide on xp. The plugin run time was 1:45 seconds, while with visual studio compilers it took only 50 seconds. I am quite disappointed, and I was wondring if I did anything wrong to cause such a performance degradation.

I compiled the app with /O3 /MD (I tried also various switches such as /Qparallel /O2 interproc...), disabled default libraries, and added:

OpenMayafx.lib OpenMayarender.lib OpenMayaAnim.lib openmayaui.lib foundation.lib openmaya.lib libmx.lib libeng.lib libiomp5md.lib libmmd.lib libircmt.lib oldnames.lib OpenMayaFX.lib libboost_serialization-iw-mt-1_47.lib libboost_thread-iw-mt-1_47.lib Opengl32.lib glu32.lib msvcrt.lib msvcprt.lib libgmp-10.lib CGAL-iw-mt.lib blas.lib lapack.lib libf2c.lib libumfpack.lib libamd.lib lemon.lib


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You may try vetctorization + IPO+ PGO and see if it improves.

Okay, after three very long days of digging inside your compiler, trying
every switch and technique, building all my additional libraries
(boost, cgal ....) from scratch, creating new test cases (simple one
didn't fail), I found the problem: God damn /EHa!

People, what's wrong with you?! Put it in sticky, burn all your
documentation and instead distribute one doc with a single bold line:

DON'T USE /EHa switch with intel compiler, performance degradation is insured!

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