11.1->Intel Composer XE/Visual Studio 2008 woes

11.1->Intel Composer XE/Visual Studio 2008 woes

I just installed Composer XE on Visual Studio 2008. I have an existing installation of 11.1 (067) with many projects.

I understand that the .icproj project files need to be converted, but this has been a very unpleasant experience with lots of unknown errors and confusing behaviour.

- After opening a solution, the "Visual Studio Project converter" opens and wants to convert the solution and projects that do NOT use Intel C++. But does nothing to the files.
- It cannot seem convert existing projects if the old .icproj file is present.

Fortunately, uninstalling the XE (12.0) Visual Studio Integration, and re-installing the 11.1 (067) Studio Integration restored sanity, and I can continue to work using the 11.1 compilers.

This area needs more work!

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Ok, I have found out what is tripping up the conversion.

The XE Visual C++ integration tries to backup the old .icproj file to xxx.icproj.111.old
If that file is read-only then the process falls over in a heap.

So for a successful conversion
- all .icproj files have to be writable
- remove any .old files from previous conversions or conversion attempts

Sorry for the delayed response!

Thank you for reporting this issue and for finding the root cause & the work-around.

I'll file a bug report on it.



The issue is fixed in latest Intel C++ Composer XE 12.1. There is now a proper error message regarding the missing access rights.


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