Unable to install libstdC++, glibc,libgcc 32 bit on 64 bit computer - Fedora core 14

Unable to install libstdC++, glibc,libgcc 32 bit on 64 bit computer - Fedora core 14

am trying to install the Intel C++ Composer on a Fedora Core 14 on a 64
bit platform. It keeps telling me that the 32 bit versions of the
libstdC++, glibc and libgcc are not found and hence the compiler will
not function properly. I am unable to install 32 bit libraries on the
system. Whenever I try it keeps pulling up 64 bit libraries which I have
installed with no luck.

Please help.


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Hi Sabarigm,

the best what you can due in this case, reinstall Fedora Core 14 , and select all needed dev-libs, such as glibc, libstdc++ and so forth
important are the libstdc++ 32 bit release , the secure way install all dev libs
i use the Intel C++ Composer on the openSUSE 11.4 M5 64 Bit without any problems



You having all access upgrade with all links repository external WWW. (yum side) ?
Is required for download some packages are not include
origin in distribution iso file or media. (IA32 LIB)
It should work without problem.


As FC14 isn't specifically supported, we can't bet on anything. However, the xe 2011 composer for intel64 ought to depend only on a working installation of g++ for x86_64. If you are installing an earlier version of composer or the ia32 version, you would require at least a fully working installation of g++ -m32 in addition to the 64-bit g++. Does FC14 still call those selections "compiler for legacy applications + compatibility libraries?" If you have copied 64-bit libraries into the directories where 32-bit libraries are expected, remove them and put the 32-bit ones there. On several distros, the "compatibility" libstdc++ required by the pre-2011 tools are called libstdc++-33 (both 32- and 64-bit required). That means the libstdc++ from g++ 3.3 32- and 64-bit, not the entire older g++ installations.
Needless to say, if you are using a distro which is newer than those supported (i.e. fully tested) by Intel tools, it would make sense to use the latest Intel version, as any discrepancies ought to be lessened.
By the way, when you say "64-bit platform with FC14" we must assume you have installed FC for x86_64. I would suppose that you have little support for 32-bit development or static libraries for development unless you added them explicitly.

I not understand too your comment.
I have installed last compiler Intel with last GNU package complete and it
work perfectly.
Intel compiler Linux depend only this side; base Intel compiler is GNU compiler, only fronted
small part changed added for supposed improve .
With all upgrade always required (in line) , F14 or other recent distribution is not an reference for evaluate compatibility compiler.

Also you can install as complement all precedent version GNU package if you
want. you can also compile choice version of libtool , binutils etc ...

With last major library GNU , (side c++) certain class have change with moved member and other change .
only this side could be problem and require some modification your sources already existing. (have value also with last version Gnu compiler with some old sources)

Hi Alll,

Thanks for the suggestions. I was trying to install the 32/64 bit installble for the Linux C++ Composer package. Apparantly it needs both the 64 bit and 32 bt libraries on the system(which I still cant manage). I simply switched to the pure 64 bit installable and that solved the problem for me.


Intel Composer 2011 XE forx86-64 bit is native compiler and doesnot need ia32 version of libraries.

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