What files should be commited to svn in order to use intel compiler by default.

What files should be commited to svn in order to use intel compiler by default.

Hi, I'm developing VC6 (no choice), and have just moved to compiling the source code using the intel 10.1.30 compiler. I have this working, and my project is commited to SVN.However, when I do a fresh checkout, I find that my project compiles using the microsoft compiler again. Any changes I make to compiler args through visual studio are kept, but using process explorer shows that ICL is no longer being used. Opening the dsw in vc6, and changing to intel compilation again fixes it, but I am working on a continuous integration solution, and need to know what stores the intel compiler option.Any help is greatly appreciated.Matt

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Can you you confirm if Intel project file (.icproj) is checked out?

Hi Om, There are no icproj files. There were none created when I installed/set the project to use the Intel compiler.

To use the intel compiler, your microsoft project file is converted to use Intel C++ compiler. In 11.1 and older a .icproj is created. you need to checkin this file also in svn and checkout when you want it back.

Just to clarify, I am using Visual C++ 6.0, and the Intel 10.1 compiler (the 11.1 compiler is not an option as we need to have vc6 compatible binaries)

The Intel C++ compiler version 10.1 support Visual C++ 6.0. You may take a look at the "Release Notes" and system requirement.

Ok starting again as I've not been clear enough:-I have a vc6 project 'MyProject', originally compiled with the Microsoft compiler, using dsw and dsp files.-I installed the Intel 10.1 compiler, configured the project, and 'MyProject' now compiles with the Intel compiler.-My project is checked into SVN-When I do a clean checkout, the project reverts to using the Microsoft compilerMy question:What files specify the selection ofIntelorMicrosoftcompiler in a VC6 environment?Why do I ask:I want to be able to do a clean checkout and build without opening visual studio and selecting theIntelcompiler.

The integration into Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0* didn't code the compiler selection into files. It uses Windows registry keys to store the selection information. I'm kind of surprised that it doesn't maintain that selection for you as long as you are logged into the same account. It should persist across projects and even instances of Visual Studio*. That being said, there is a way to hardcode the selection into your project. Add the /D macro _USE_INTEL_COMPILER to your project settings. That will force the Intel compiler to be selected.

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