OMP Error Message

OMP Error Message


I want to use a program compiled by the Intel compiler on a computer where the compiler is not installed. Upon the start of the program I get the following error mesage:
OMP: Warning #2: Cannot open message catalog "1031\\libiomp5ui.dll":
OMP: System error #126: Module cannot be found.
OMP: Info #3: Default messages will be used.

The program runs but this message appears upon every start.

The code uses no OpenMP pragmas and no OpenMP option is selected in the compiler settings. The code generation is for multi-threaded code and static linking (/MT). The program uses IPP and libiomp5mt.lib is linked.

The package with the redistributable files was installed but that did not change anything.

Has anyone an idea, how to remove the messages?

Thank you and best regards,

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This is a known issue: there is a bug in the older 11.1 release. It is fixed in the latest 11.1 update 6.

So please download the latest 11.1 update 6 (w_cproc_p_11.1.065) and link with the IPP libs from this pkg.



thank you for your quick reply!


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