Bug report of ICC 11.1.038

Bug report of ICC 11.1.038

I got two kinds of problems after unsing ICC 11.1.038. Bofore that I used ICC 10.x.

The 1st problem is ICC 11.1.038 does not support Japanese well.
Definitions of members of a class are given below
doublem_dDispVectorZoom; // default: x1
Compiling the code with ICC 11.1.038, the compiler reports error messages as
ResPivDoc.h(64): error: identifier "m_dDispArrowSize" is undefined
This problem can be sovled by delete comments behind the m_dDispVectorZoom.
I spent two days before reaching this solution because I truly believed that anything behind "//" is totally ignored by compiler. That is, unfortunenately, proved to be wrong.

The 2nd problem is , after linke stage, the compiler reports:

1>Build System: error: Internal Error

And that is all I got. No more information.

The project metioned above was compiled well by previous verison of ICC (10.X).

Hope you people will fix problems of 11.1 in near future.

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