__try / __except not active despite /Qsafeseh /EHa

__try / __except not active despite /Qsafeseh /EHa

Hi All,

I have read all the docs about deprecated /QX (replaced by /Qsafeseh /EHa) and I have also read the
article saying that:

"the Intel C++ compiler provides the functionality of both the SEH and ISO exception-handling model"

Yet, I can't get a __try / __except block to catch any exception (divide by zero, read/write violation).

I'm more inclined to use __except in this particular situation because we use the Windows debug API
to investigate the stack (Microsoft no longer does it normally) and dump a complete exception report.

I am using the Intel C++ compiler v10.10.03 and Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.

I also have Visual Studio 2008 but (a) it works only on VISTA (UAC's playground) and (b) is much slower
and buggy than the old MSVC 6.0 IDE (so I would prefer to stick to simplicity -if possible).

Any hint will be appreciated.


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I tried the example from http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/s58ftw19(VS.80).aspx , icl 10.1.029 works fine.

But there's a different but though.

Does this example work for you with your icl? Yours is very old. Try to upgrade to latest 10.1.


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