cmd-line builds of MSVC project files with ICL?

cmd-line builds of MSVC project files with ICL?

I've been using the MSVC2008 IDE integration to test out icl on some projects. It works great.

But our buildbots use the vcbuild command-line to build solution files--and it appears that vcbuild does not understand .icproj files. If I'm going to use icl in our project, I need to be able to automate builds, and I really don't want to recreate a makefile system when we already have a working one with .slns and .vcprojs.

Is there some solution to this problem I'm missing? My basic understanding is that I can't just alias icl.exe to cl.exe, since there are different sets of switches, etc. I need vcbuild to run the same magic that Visual Studio does. Sure this is possible ;)

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no, vcbuild does not understand .icproj.

But "devenv" works from cmd line like:
>> Devenv.exe /rebuild "Debug|Win32" hello.sln /out "build.out" /IntelSpecific Intel

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