Hi all -
This is my first post and I am very excited in looking forward to using Intel C++ V11.0. I plan to purchase either a AMD Phenom X4 or Core i7 system and progam to build a very efficient algorithm computing factorials using as much optimization and internal 128-bit registes as possible. Any who wishes to help me in this endeavour is welcome. I could use all the help I can get.

My background is that I hold a B.S. in Compter Science from Univ. of Pittsburgh ('85) and have done alot of database programming in the 10 years of my carreer.

My current platform is an both an Acer Asprie One netbook (Atom cpu, 1 Gig XP home) and a Pentium 4 compaq desktop.

I have Visual Studio .NET 2003 with Intel C++ V11.0 embedded. (I know its old, but works for now)

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