License issue with ICC 11.0 c++ compiler

License issue with ICC 11.0 c++ compiler


I have a valid license for ICC C++ Linux compiler "COM_L_CMP_CPP_FC3C-7MSRCJN5.lic"; I installed Intel 11.0 compiler on my Linux box. When i try to use it , i get theerror given below:

icpc -v

Error: A license for CCompL is not available (-13,128).

License file(s) used were (in this order):
1. Trusted Storage
2. /opt/intel/11.0_release/64bit/Compiler/11.0/069/licenses
3. /opt/intel/licenses/BETA__CMP_CPPFOR_BHSF-DS65K465.lic
4. /opt/intel/licenses/COM_L_CMP_CPP_FC3C-7MSRCJN5.lic
5. /opt/intel/licenses/COM_L_CMP_FOR_F5TM-4XV8FFCS.lic
6. /root/intel/licenses
7. /opt/intel/11.0_release/ia32/Compiler/11.0/069/licenses
8. /Users/Shared/Library/Application Support/Intel/Licenses
9. /opt/intel/11.0_release/64bit/Compiler/11.0/069/bin/intel64/*.lic

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icpc: error #10052: could not checkout FLEXlm license

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DId you try asking for the license to be re-issued at ?

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